Morbid Beauty by Pepper Negron Starring MichaelaTV

Promotional Poster for the Morbid Dark Glamour 2011 Calendar Launch in October, 2010!

Photographer/Filmmaker/Producer Pepper Negron invited me to participate in his latest project where he will be launching a halloween inspired calendar filled with sexy ladies portraying dark and sinister scenarios using fables, characters from history and tragic images. Pepper and I have worked together before but this time he asked if he could shoot me for one of the promotional posters/invitations for the event he’s planning when he launches his calendar.  He said: “Michelle, I would love to work with you again, would you consider being one of the models for my promotional posters for my calendar launch?”  I said, “Sure we work really well together, what is the shoot’s concept?” What he said next will shock and surprise you. “I envision you wearing a strait jacket while being in a mental institution.”….  Ummm what?

In one scene I played a homicidal maniac in a padded room in a strait jacket. In the second scene I play a flesh eating canibal right after feasting on a family member. Sick right?  Well, remember, all on-camera work is a portrayal of a character or a scenario. IT’S NOT REAL!  Remember that when you see me in a straight jacket or covered in blood for this really dark and interesting new project.

Photography by Pepper Negron

Makeup and Hair by:

Styling by: Pepper Negron and Michelle Davies


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